Beautiful cabochons and beads made from recycled bowling balls .. RECYCLED BOWLING BALLS, you ask? Yes!!! Really!

I have long marveled over the beauty of a fancy pearlescent bowling ball. The deep resinous depth of color, the swirling pools of glitter flake, the shimmer and sheen. Ah! How I yearned to collect these giant gems... Ebonite, Brunswick, Columbia, AMF...Yum! 
I wished I could wear them somehow. But how? Hmmmmm ..... Well, crack ‘em like da coconut, and off to the rock grinder! The hearty cover stock skins are cut off, and cabs and beads are cut and polished to take shape into something new from this great material, and with surprisingly striking results! (Yes, pun intended.) So don’t be afraid if you see me skulking around in your local bowling alley looking for scraps. I’m really just a harmless artist.